Víno Pater Noster Exceptionnel " Fleur de Fougére" Solaris 2022

The climatically uneventful year had its effect on the quality of this unsurpassed wine.

Many admirers of Domaine Pater Noster call it the most complete wine from the entire offer of all quality classes.

Golden color, beautifully formed body, vanilla lavender spice and a long finish in taste are the highest cards with which it plays for favor in the strong competition of European top wines.

The potential seems inexhaustible and the wine gains in quality, taste perfection and price as it matures.

Closed under original cork

Bottle content: 0.50 l

Alcohol: 17%


Bottle number :0070 to 0110

10 000,00 Kč

PRICE:                                                                       413 €       448 USD

Our wines are protected by the original Pater Noster stamp and our own numerical code.

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